Embodied Leadership, Somatic Coaching, Psychedelic Mentorship + Facilitation for the Conscious Woman

Welcome! Come with me on a journey to strengthen your leadership, magnify your influence, and pave the way to bring others with you.



Welcome! Come with me on a journey to strengthen your leadership, magnify your influence, and pave the way to bring others with you.


Your powerful decision to choose YOU begins now...

After more than a decade of practice as a clinical psychologist and nearly two decades of my own healing journey, I have learned that you cannot create change by just talking about it. Unfortunately, insight alone does not bring about transformation. True healing and transformation only happens when we EMBODY the wisdom and insight and create a new way of BEing in the world. Through teaching, coaching, and mentoring, I support conscious women in stepping fully into their embodied leadership so they can magnify their influence and pave the way to bring others with them.

My hope and my vision is to have a powerful impact on normalizing psychedelics and plant medicines by teaching people how to optimize their overall wellbeing by effectively and intentionally working with them through ethical accessibility in a safe and sovereign way.


Hi. I'm Dr. Jenn. 

I'm a Southern California based Intuitive coach, Microdosing and Plant Medicine Mentor who uses psychedelics within an intentional framework as a supportive and expansive offering for humanity’s healing, personal growth, and evolution. I am a woman on a mission to help you embody the truth of who you are as you reimagine your world, your work, and the impact you are here to make. I am here to serve as a sacred mirror for your soul's Truth and support the remembrance of who you truly are and what you came here to do. I'm here to remind you, as we walk alongside each other, to claim, once and for all, the joy, beauty, and abundance that is your Divine birthright. Through my own magical, and often crazy, life experience, from growing up in poverty, homeless at times, and with addicted parents to becoming a psychologist and supporting hundreds of women over the last decade plus, I'm on a mission to show spiritual and conscious leaders (which I believe we all are on some level, whether you are a stay at home mom, or the CEO of your own 7-figure empire) that you really can have it all - the joy, the freedom, the peace, the abundance, the house of your dreams, the relationship of your dreams, the health of your body, and ultimately living on purpose, doing your soul's work.


Working together



1:1 Soul Coaching + Business Strategy

Get the deepest level support and accountability to make big shifts happen by working with me one-on-one. When it comes to accessing your intuition, healing the inner wounds, and the process of making life a magical experience, there is no “one-size-fits-all approach”. By working together, you will receive clarity, guidance and support as you begin the deeply transformational path of stepping confidently into the next level version of yourself, creating a presence and sharing your unique gifts with the world.


Personalized Microdosing Mentorship

Learn how to effectively and intentionally microdose as you are guided through an experience tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for support with anxiety, depression, guidance on tapering off your medication, or you’re desiring to optimize your health, wellness, personal growth and self discovery – this supportive container will be a catalyst for your journey. Come embark on a transformative journey that meets you where you are, and as you are.


Customized Microdosing & Ceremony Program

Experience the powerful and life-changing benefits of microdosing and high-dose psychedelic experiences through a comprehensive program that gives you tools and resources for meaningful change. With microdosing, you can prepare yourself for a ceremonial experience and integrate your learnings afterward, leading to profound transformation. With the right approach, by combining these two methods, you can receive optimal results and long-term desired changes in your life as this framework is a powerful catalyst for your personal transformation.

"The space that Dr. Jenn holds and provides is unlike any other space I’ve been in."

It’s warm, inviting, safe, and quite magical. She guides you to where you need to go for the transformation that you need to take and has this way of upholding you to take the steps yourself before you realize that you’re embracing it and taking the necessary steps. It’s as if she is truly the light lighting the path while you feel safe, peaceful and have courage to actually walk the path. I have learned through her that the work is truly a full embodiment and not just something you can do in your head. Through her breathwork sessions, I’ve gained more clarity, breakthrough and relief then in a lot of other coaching that I’ve experienced. The work I’ve been doing for so long has sunk into my cells which brings a whole other level of transformation. I’ve worked with many different coaches and you can tell that Dr. Jenn takes her craft very seriously, has truly embodied her own work and has a gift of reaching within you to pull out your beauty and greatness in the most loving way.