the founder and dreamer behind the Embodied Life Academy + the Love Your Truth podcast.

I really had no idea where I'd end up, but I knew it had to be this way...

Before I dive into sharing my story I would like to acknowledge and thank you for being here, and invite you to do the same. Whether or not we end up working together in any capacity, you've taken time out of your day and you found yourself here, reading my journey, in hopes that it might help you in yours. I don't take that lightly and I don't think you should either. I don't believe in coincidences. You being here reflects a part of you that knows you are meant to live a beautiful, joyous and abundant life. This life we get to live is a gift and it is meant to be experienced through all of its beauty. I know it might not always be easy to remember or believe that, especially when things feel hard...


but that is why I am here. To show you that it is absolutely possible to live a life that you truly love. To feel happy in your body, to feel connected in your relationships, fulfilled by your work, and abundant in your wealth. I teach about feminine leadership, embodiment, soul activation, money, wealth, and confidence because these were the areas of my own life that I needed to heal and so desperately sought help for through much of my own life. It is my hope that as I share my own journey you feel that nudge deep within you, the feeling of your heart expanding into your own divine knowing that this life of infinite possibilities is available for you too.

My story really began the moment I came into this world and has been an evolution of healing ever since.

I knew early in life that there was something different about me. I didn't know what it was or how to name it, I just knew I was different. I was painfully sensitive and intuitive almost to a fault for a young girl growing up as an only child to two, young, addict parents. I learned to draw from the power of resilience at a very young age and for most of my life took a tremendous amount of pride in the obstacles that I had overcome: my father committing suicide, my mother in her addiction, homelessness, poverty, abuse.

These experiences taught me how to be a survivor, they showed me what I was determined to never experience again and they set me on a path of achieving.

I bought into the belief, like so many other women, that if I just checked all of the boxes they were selling us: perform, achieve, accomplish, then I would feel what I so desperately desired: safe in this world, safe in my body, and safe in who I am.

So I did the things. I put myself through college and went on to earn my doctorate in Psychology. I got married. I built a very successful private practice in Los Angeles. I had two beautiful children. As far as anyone could tell, my life looked perfect.

But the truth was, I was suffering in silence. Hiding behind the façade of who I thought I was supposed to be had created a deep well of fear, scarcity and loneliness inside. I had been at war with my body for years, overexercising and under-eating, secretly battling a severe eating disorder. In a marriage to someone I loved very much but that I knew just wasn't right. A career that earned great money but that lacked any joy. I spent years looking for that "thing" that would help me find genuine happiness in my life...in myself.

I can't point to a specific moment in my life that changed everything. I don't believe that's how this works. I think every moment of my life was always leading me to the next now moment, planting seeds along the way...

I know understand that I was always being guided by my highest self.

In 2005 I discovered Mindfulness meditation which began my journey of creating a bit of space between myself and my thoughts. I went to various 12-step groups to support my relationship with the addicts in my life, and this began healing my relationship with God. In 2015, I found SoulCycle which began healing my relationship with my body and my ability to express myself freely.

All along the way, I continued to follow that voice inside of me that knew to find support and to continue on my journey to heal.

In 2017 my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and this was a truly pivotal moment in the trajectory of my life. I'd been learning to listen to that still small voice inside of me, the voice that has always known Truth as much as fear wanted to silence her. I left my marriage, I began the slow process of unraveling my private practice and going all in on my Divine Purpose: to support other women in embodying their Truth, magnifying their influence and paving the way to bring others with them. During this time, I found plant medicines, or should I say, they found me, and there was no turning back. I always say, "you can't unring the bell."

Today I'm on a mission

I'm here to help as many women as I am meant to connect with, from around the world, free themselves from the silent struggle we have been conditioned to carry and to remember the truth of who they are. I'm here to create a legacy in which healing, transformation and the awakening of your authentic soul is not only celebrated but fundamental to the human experience.

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." -Carl Jung

I'm all about

Embracing the sweetness of my inner child who loves rainbows and glitter. Dance parties with the ones I love. Losing myself in a book. And spending obnoxious amounts of time in the quiet moments of stillness.

I'm not about

Being told what to do, especially if it doesn't make sense, my intuition knows best. Loud noises or anything that rattles my nervous system and disrupts my peace.


The perfect



  • You know you are powerful and you can see what is possible but aren't quite sure how to unlock it.
  • You have done a lot of the healing and growth "work" yet you still feel like there is a piece that is missing.
  • You are open-minded and willing to commit, for a period of time, to the unfolding process of embodiment and transformation.
  • You are not looking for a guru or a savior. You know that you hold the keys to your own life and you just need a little support, guidance, and at times a nudge to stay on your path.

Here's how I can help

What drives me is the desire for us to live as the fullest expression of ourselves, to break free from our conditioning, and explore every facet of our souls on this human journey. I have quite a few ways of working together depending on what you are looking for. 


Intentional Microdosing Resource Guide


Whatever your unique reason, the decision to consider microdosing often arises from a deep-seated curiosity about the potential benefits and profound experiences that this practice may offer. By approaching microdosing with mindfulness and purpose, you can unlock its full potential for personal growth, healing, and overall well-being